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Wedding Garters

A wedding garter is a fun and memorable tradition.  It’s actually considered to be one of the longer lasting wedding traditions that still takes place today!  It originally started as guests would rush the bride once married to try to get the garter. It actually sounds frightening!   Yet this is how the tradition started that the bride would throw the garter to save herself from being trampled.

Now a days, the groom will generally make a spectacle of himself taking off the garter.  He will take his time while a fun song is playing and then slowly throw it to all the single men in the crowd.  

Whoever catches the garter is the one who supposedly will get married next!  

Having two garters is something that is very popular these days.  A lot of garters are gorgeous and hand made so the bride would want to keep one but have a smaller, simpler one to give away.  

Choosing one may or may not be difficult.  

It really is up to you if you want to wear one and take part in the removal of it in front of all your guests.

There are many options in choosing a garter:

1) Think of the past and your family and see if you can wear your mom or grandma’s.  This would also be your “something borrowed.”

2) Buy a pretty blue lace one, this can also be your “something blue.” Check out this link for some great blue garters

3) Many companies out there offer custom garters that they can make exactly to your taste and wedding colours.

4) Some brides include some lucky charm on their garter, whether it’s a simple horse shoe or a petal from the groomsmen flowers, choose something that means something to you!

Remember that the wedding garter doesn’t have to be expensive – it is entirely up to you on how much you and fiancé are comfortable spending on it.

You can spend a decent amount or more than $100.00 for a set if you want to include pearls, lace or diamonds.  

If you are feeling creative, you can even search online for directions on how to make your very own garter!  

wedding garters